HOT Microfluidics is the leading provider of turnkey microfluidic solutions for enhanced recovery (IOR/EOR) and underground storage (hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas) applications. The pioneering, fast and cost-effective ‘Rock-on-a-Chip’ approach provides unmatched process visualisation and optimisation, chemicals screening and yields an unrivalled understanding of fluid flow processes in porous systems.
We have invested in a fully equipped laboratory that puts us in a position to perform laboratory experiments using gases such as hydrogen, carbondioxide and hydrogen mixtures at reservoir conditions in compliance to highest HSE regulations.
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Our laboratory equipment ranges from autoclaves to core-flooding rigs to microfluidics solutions.


We are a multidisciplinary team of:

  • Petroleum Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers and Physicists


Whenever possible, we integrate Microfluidics Technologies into our Lab Services and Systems to:

  • Deliver experimental results up to 200 times faster
  • Significantly reduce cost
  • Significantly accelerate field project implementation
  • Significantly reduce required reservoir fluid volumes
  • Minimise laboratory and environmental footprints
  • Provide visual access to multi phase flow and interfaces


Dr Diethard Kratzer

Managing Director

Diethard Kratzer combines 30+ years of experience in consulting and R&D management. He is founder and CEO of HOT Engineering and heading the HOT Energy Group.
Dr Diethard Kratzer / © The HOT Energy Group
Dr Diethard Kratzer
Dr Jonas Wegner


Jonas Wegner is Chief Technical Officer with HOT Microfluidics and Head of Lab Services for the HOT Energy Group. He has been lead developer for the application of microfluidic technologies for the visualisation of underground flow and transport processes.
Dr Jonas Wegner
Dr Jonas Wegner
Dr Leonhard Ganzer

Research & Innovation

Leonhard Ganzer is Professor of Reservoir Engineering and Head of the Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems at Technical University Clausthal, Germany. He is experienced in leading roles of R&D projects and technology development for reservoir simulation, enhanced oil recovery and underground storage of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) or usage (CCU). He also acts as expert for the Austrian mining authority for underground gas storage (UGS) projects.
Dr Leonhard Ganzer / © The HOT Energy Group
Dr Leonhard Ganzer

About the HOT Energy Group

The HOT Energy Group (HOT) is a technology driven, multidisciplinary and independent organisation serving the energy industry in its pursuit of recovery and field operations optimisation.
  • With more than three decades of specialist experience in the subsurface domain, HOT’s disruptive innovations, pioneering workflows and integrated solutions help to minimise exploration and field development risks.
  • HOT provides a wide range of services reflecting the latest thinking, development and technologies in the industry and works side by side with its partners across the globe to deliver best practices and timely solutions.
  • HOT’s global footprint is supported by HOT offices in Austria, Germany, Libya and the UAE and a network of alliance and representative offices.

We look forward to hearing from you.