Energy Storage & CCS

Laboratory Excellence for Underground Energy Storage

Our fully equipped laboratory puts us in a position to perform laboratory experiments using fluids (oil & brines) and various gas mixtures including hydrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons at reservoir conditions in compliance with highest HSE regulations. Our laboratory equipment ranges from autoclaves to PVT systems to core-flooding and microfluidic rigs.
Microfluidics / © The HOT Energy Group
PVT & Fluid Analytics
PVT image / © Leonhard Ganzer - The HOT Energy Group
PVT & Fluid Analytics
Fluid-Rock Compatibility & Interaction
Water flooding sandstone / © The HOT Energy Group
Fluid-Rock Compatibility & Interaction
Gas Diffusion
Gas Bottles /
Injectivity Assessment
Bottles / © The HOT Energy Group
Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
Cores / © The HOT Energy Group
Petrophysics & Rock Imaging
Petrophysical Log / © The HOT Energy Group
Numerical Simulation
Numerical Simulation / © The HOT Energy Group
Customised Solutions

In case your requirements deserve bespoke solutions
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