Quantify the outcome of your experiments

Standard Water Analysis

  • Measurement of dissolved ions by IC/ICP-EOD/ICP-MS.
  • pH, density, resistivity, calculated and gravimetric dissolved solids and alkalinity.

Chemical Concentration

  • Fourier-Transform Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and HPLC to determine the concentration of polymers, surfactants, co-solvents and other cEOR chemicals.
  • Fluid compositions based on GC analysis

Crude Oil Analysis

  • Ensuring full accuracy for volumetric calculations, the water content in oil must be precisely determined.
  • By means of Fourier-Transform Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (FT-NMR) we measure water content in oil in samples <100 microliters.

Nano Particles

  • Measurement of nanoparticle concentration and size distribution by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) in the aqueous phase based on “loading-index”.
  • Zetapotential of nanoparticles using Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS).

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