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Understand your system before going all-in.

Fluid Preparation & Characterisation

  • We handle synthetic fluids and bottom hole samples.
  • We measure properties of live fluids including but not limited to viscosity, density, pH, dissolved ions and solids, gas and liquid compositions.
  • We perform PVT experiments and determine minimum miscibility pressures (MMP).

We handle synthetic fluids and bottom hole samples.

Fluid-Rock Interaction

  • The compatibility between fluids and rock material is critical for EOR process selection.
  • Measurements such as cation exchange capacity (CEC), contact angle, streaming and zeta potential are performed by us to quantify compatibility.
  • Batch experiments or dynamic single phase flooding experiments can be performed at reservoir conditions.
Fluid-Rock Interaction / © The HOT Energy Group

Petrophysical Services

  • Core handling, plugging and sample preparation.
  • XRD, XRF and SEM and EDS to determine chemical and mineralogical composition of rock samples.
  • Thin section preparation and CT scanning at different resolutions.
Petrophysical Model / © The HOT Energy Group

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