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Customised Chip Design

  • We offer professional design of micromodels from client input (e.g. micro-CT images). Included are permeability, pore and grain size distribution simulations. Alternatively, choose from our off-the-shelf micromodel catalogue.
Jonas Wegner

EOR Flooding

  • Our microfluidic service portfolio covers most of the EOR techniques recognised in the industry.
  • From conventional waterflooding to polymer, surfactant, alkali, microbial, gas and last but not least foam EOR methods.
Foam / © The HOT Energy Group

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InspIOR / © The HOT Energy Group

Customised Setup

  • We provide customised microfluidic solutions for any laboratory application.
  • We offer microfluidic systems from low to high pressure conditions and several other features.
  • Moreover, training and maintenance will make sure that you get the most out of your device.

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