Turnkey Systems

Innovative Turnkey Systems

Our turnkey systems are based on our expertise in underground gas storage (H2, CO2, CH4), enhanced recovery (IOR / EOR), microfluidics and gas analytics. We provide complete systems enabling you to perform fast and cost-efficient measurements at high accuracy. These systems come with software solutions and can be tailored to your specific needs.

InspIOR® is a professional microfluidics platform for PVT, Phase Envelopes, MMP, complex Viscosities, Flow Assurance and Asphaltene Studies, Diffusion Coefficients, IOR/EOR and New Energies.
InspIOR / © The HOT Energy Group

Carry out fully automated phase behaviour studies at reservoir conditions
PVT System / © The HOT Energy Group
Gas Viscometer

Measure gas viscosities over wide temperature and pressure ranges
H2 Molecules / © Gerd Altmann (Pixabay)
Gas Viscometer
Gas Diffusion System

Measure hydrogen, carbon dioxide and natural gas diffusion through reservoir and cap rocks, salt, cement, completion and flow line materials.
Drill cores / © Pixabay
Gas Diffusion System


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